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your trio with bailee and claire is really good. best trio kate ever made in my opinion! keep doing you, you three are my favsssssss!!!!

This is so sweet! THANK YOU! 

Anonymous asked:
Where are the BW grads going to college and what for? Will they still dance?

You mean seniors? Cait is going to U of I, Bella is going to JJC, Kayla is going to ISU and Erin is going to LMC! & I think they will continue dancing to a certain degree, but I do not think any will be in the kj statement, but hey that could change! 

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Give Me Love (studio version) - Demi Lovato (Ed Sheeran cover)

you don’t think she could sing any better and then this happens so…

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Ellie Goulding | Your Song

such a beautiful cover of a beautiful song

Jennifer and Josh + Watching past roles on talk shows.

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